About Sutherland Glass Art

Bryon Sutherland

A San Diego native inspired by California’s vibrant Mediterranean climate, Sutherland’s interpretations of natural forms combine elegant design with rich, vivid color creating original, one-of-a-kind hand-blown glass art. An avid fly-fisherman and lover of the great outdoors, Sutherland gains inspiration from the rivers and mountains of the Sierra Nevada.

Sutherland was first introduced to his love for the medium at California State University of Chico where he earned a degree in Glass Sculpture. Upon graduating he honed his skills at Orient and Flume, one of the pioneering glassblowing studios in the United States before opening his own studio.

Ever developing his talent he went to New York to study at the prestigious Corning Museum of Glass where he pursued his dream to blow glass like the Italians do. There, Sutherland studied under William Gudenrath, a true master of Venetian technique and a scholar of historical glass. Through his success at Corning and an obsession for the Venetian style, he was invited back to work as Mr. Gudenrath’s personal teaching assistant.

Continuing his mastery of the art, Sutherland studied at Pillchuck School of Glass, founded by the renowned glass artist Dale Chihuly in Stanwood, Washington. There, he felt he had struck gold when he received the opportunity to work side by side with Davide Salvadore, a fifth generation Venetian master. Salvadore is famous for his extraordinary Murrini designs within massive glass sculptures.

Aa a master colorist, Sutherland’s work is recognized for its distinctive color-combinations and ardently developed formulas, offering dazzling art that simply commands to be looked at. His unique style has produced an exceptional body of work that is sought after by galleries, garnered first-place awards in heavily juried exhibitions, and created stunning installations for private collectors.

Where it all began the original Sutherland studio

The Original Sutherland Studio is built on what was once the largest peach and pumpkin cannery in the world—The Libby Cannery. Since 1932, Libby’s was the single largest employer in the town of Gridley, a small agricultural town in northern California. Libby ceased operations there in 2001 leaving behind a 25-acre industrial ghost town.

It was out of the factory rubble that the Sutherland Studio emerged. Renting a small section of the enormous property, the site was cleared, remodeled and equipped. Former Libby employees even pitched in to help with the construction.

Women cannery workers on the line, 1949

New beginnings

In 2019 Sutherland moved his entire studio and joined forces with fellow glass artist extraordinaire, Andy Libecki. Combining studios, they built a state-of-the-art hot shop from the ground up. The two called their masterpiece studio G TOWN (G for gratitude). Taking the show on the road is Sutherland’s way of life, and G TOWN is where the magic happens, creating fine sculptures and glass art for nationwide tours.

Jesi Naomi, singer, songwriter & mixed media artist, manages distribution, public relations and custom orders for Sutherland Glass Art. Jesi also facilitates a maker’s space focused in Education of the ARTS in the sister studio to GTown called CTown (Creative Town). A lifetime’s involvement in music and art makes her a valuable member of the team.

Also on the team, Sutherland’s fourteen-year-old daughter Paige is a blacksmith and metal fabricator, and a classic car mechanic in training. Sutherland’s twelve-year-old son Peyton assists him through some of the most difficult pieces. Peyton is learning the art of glass blowing and is creating his own unique designs and sculptures.